Pioneering Neurosurgery at Mary Mediatrix Medical Center: First Image-Guided Surgery Using our New Digital Neuro-Microscope and BrainLab Neuronavigation System in Batangas

In a remarkable leap for medical science in Batangas, the Mary Mediatrix Medical Center (MMMC) conducted its first-ever image-guided neurosurgery using the state-of-the-art ARveo 8 Leica Digital Neuro- Microscope and BrainLab NeuroNavigation System last June 21, 2024.
This groundbreaking procedure, led by Dr. Asis Encarnacion, a neurosurgeon and the section head of neurosurgery in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences marks a significant milestone in enhancing the precision and outcomes of neurosurgical interventions.

The combination of our new revolutionary neuro-microscope and BrainLab neuronavigation system allowed our neurosurgeons to perform highly detailed and precise brain surgeries through integration of preoperative imaging with the real-time surgical procedure, allowing surgeons to visualize the exact location of brain tumors and critical structures. This system provides a detailed 3D map of the patient’s brain, aiding in planning and executing surgical interventions with unparalleled accuracy.

The pioneering surgery was performed on a patient with a frontal lobe glioma, one of the most common primary brain tumors among adult population. The procedure involved meticulous planning and execution by a skilled team. Preoperative MRI scans created a detailed brain map, highlighting the glioma and its proximity to vital regions. During the operation, the BrainLab system provided real-time feedback, enabling precise navigation through the brain’s intricate anatomy. This minimized damage to healthy tissue while ensuring maximal tumor resection.

The surgery was a resounding success, with quicker post-operative course and the patient showing remarkable recovery. As MMMC gears towards handling more complex neurosurgical practices and aims to become a center of excellence in neuroscience in Southern Luzon, Regions 4A and 4B, the introduction of BrainLab neuronavigation and the acquisition of the new neuro microscope set a new standard for neurosurgical care. These advancements ensure that cutting-edge medical treatment is available in the region, positioning MMMC at the forefront of neurological healthcare.